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Congratulations Meghan and Harry

Wasn't yesterday the most beautiful day you could dream of? The weather was perfect, the crowd were beautiful but most of all love was in the air. I don' know about you but I was hooked! I had the TV on record and at the same time I was walking around the house watching it on my iPad refusing to miss a second!

Meghan and Harry Married

Harry looked so handsomely dapper in uniform and Meghan, a true princess in her beautiful boat neck A-line Haute Couture dress designed by Artistic Director of Givenchy Clare Keller. As simple as the dress was it did everything it should; fit in the right places, skim her body gracefully and show the perfect amount of skin. She, for me, was giving me a bit of a Grace Kelly vibe. And even she was a film star turned Princess! And her veil! That veil was simply divine!

Meghan arriving at the church

The A-listers, Celebrity, Sports personalities, Designers and Actors that came out in droves was a beautiful sight. But here are the ones that made more jaw drop and put hearts in my eyes...