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Fashion Trend News

Ahhhh tis the season of spring! I think? Judging by this mixed weather, I actually don't know what season we're in. Is 2018 the year of no seasons? Just take it as it comes? Well, we all know how difficult it is when deciding what to wear. So, I'm going to simplify the fashion trends for you just a little since the weather won't. But brace yourself: Anything goes! Well, at least that's my take on it! But it's true! No more select clothes for select occasions. Its about wearing your whole wardrobe all day everyday. So let's see our top six ongoing, new and remerging trends...

Sport Luxe is still going strong.

If you're still confused as to what Sport Luxe is let me break it down: When fashion and fitness are fused together Sport Luxe is born or think Kendall Jenner, if it makes it easier for you. No longer is wearing sports wear just for the gym, it now takes on the super cool. Team side popper track pants with a vest, crop top or sheer blouse, heels or trainers and throw on a fringed jacket to finish off your look to give the luxe a bit more cool. Or why not pull out your faux fur and give it a bit of glam luxe.

Glitz Glamour x Daywear

It's annoying I know! You buy this amazing outfit, with the hopes that there will be an event 3 times a year you could wear it to and get your moneys worth. Instead, it melts into the back of your wardrobe forever forgotten. But that is all about to change. Take inspiration from Solange Knowles, fashion disturber, who knows no limits in style. Take out your sequinned dress throw on your trainers, pair with a blazer and automatically your set for the day. Or why not reimagine all those evening gowns and outfits, with a pair of jeans and a biker jacket. Your wardrobe no longer has limits get it out and wear it whenever you want!

White Suiting

Yep I said it; White suiting! That high fashion look, that makes you look like you have tons of money but your bank account is running on empty! Not like Ellen Degeneres, who wears white suiting well in many styles. There are many ways to pull off this style, for high luxe, go for the structured suit. For street style do it relaxed with jeans or joggers. And for the undecided wear it as separates! Remember however, public transport and restaurants are off limits (unless you're wearing a bib)!

Blazers are king

I've said it time and time again, you want to alter your look in seconds? Throw on a blazer, and not just any blazer! The more colourful, patterned or textured the better! If you prefer black or blue make sure they have gold buttons or a contrasting lapel like a tux, believe me it makes all the difference! And don't forget your shoulder pads! Yes, I said it! Shoulder pads give more authority but let's not do the 80's revival! Well, actually I might!

Skirt suits v Trouser Suits