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Tis' the season of Primavera

What weather we've been having lately? The snow we begged for finally came but two months later than scheduled, leaving us utterly bewildered as to what to wear! But fear not Primavera is fighting through and you need to be ready, because when she hits, the need for Uggs, Oversized Coats and thick woolly scarves will be no longer! In a flash Primaveras soft warm breeze will defrost our sullen faces and inspire us to be daring. So, what's the fashion forecast for this year spring!

Primavera the coming of spring

Well, florals will never go amiss, but lookout for spots and stripes. Colours will be more zesty, think block colour clashes and bright on bright. Look to mixing Simple lines with Oversized. Check blazers have and will remain our staple for a while, but this time textures like boucle take it up a notch going back to good ole classic Chanel! Co-ords are a perfect way to shop. Buy top and bottoms then mix it up with other items in your wardrobe. Skinny's are still a ladies comfort go to, but wide leg give a 1940's Katherine Hepburn feel, and hide a multitude of things! Trainers are the new footwear of choice. Not the keep fit kind! Think designers, think trendy/quirky or even simple. Team with absolutely everything in your wardrobe for that comfy/smart dress.

This season anything goes. But don't worry colour-phobes! Kookie hasn't forgotten about you, so wipe your sweaty brow and clammy hands and breath because pastels still count as colour! Proceed...

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