Get Creative: Revamp your wardrobe

I can say, I never actually intend to sale shop. I never plan it! I don't get excited over the prospect of being pushed and shoved for an item I probably won't wear anytime soon (if ever). But when I do, I do it well! Why? I get inventive, I start looking at things differently, I start imagining wearing them with other pieces in my wardrobe, even if they are 10 seasons old. Maybe it's me, but I like the idea of no pressure fashion. Fashion that is my own and not what is pushed for me to wear because it's 'the season for it'!

I mean, how many of us can say we've worn every item that we've bought in the January sales? Ok I'lll cut us some slack, how about last years summer and mid-season sales? Have you, like me, been waiting for that 'Special Occassion'? Well, we are gonna have to be realistic and realise that, 'that Special Occassion' is never really gonna happen, unless we make it, which means that Special Occasions could actually be everyday i.e. going to work, getting the shopping, the school run!

Now I may not be a fan of Gemma Collins dress sense (TOWIE) I've never watched it I pinkie swear), however, she has the idea. She will wear glitz everyday just because it makes her feel good and just because! Now in admittance I don't have glitz but I do have a pair of sexy red thigh high boots that can cause an M25 pile up (I love wearing them), and I have to tell myself nothing is for special occasions because admittedly I spend more time working than partying, so I need to wear them!

Now, if you've been watching my Insta/FB/Twitter/YouTube you'll see I've been pretty busy reworking looks. What did I do? I went unintentional sale shopping picked up a few bits at slashed down prices and reworked them with my wardrobe. And this is the end result. (with the prices too ;-))

It is so simple and easy to rework your existing wardrobe. It takes imagination and patience! So I implore you, go into your wardrobe create looks with what you have and then make list of the key items that are missing that could make your wardrobe pop i.e Blazer, Shirt, Jewellery. Carry that list out with you on your next shop and I promise you your wardrobe will always be on top form, without breaking the bank! Now go make that list and make your wardrobe happy!

Kookie x

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