My Thoughts: 11 more to go!

So we have just done our first month and to be honest I'm pretty proud of myself. I cut meat completely out of my diet and stick to drinking lemon water everyday - Well Beyonce said Lemonade, but I'm not too keen on sugar in my tea! On the flip, my exercise regime has taken a dip. I love running but find it extremely difficult to be consistent! I go and run for say three even four days, I push myself, beat targets and then I stop. It's like this invisible wall pops up and I can't understand why.

Overcoming obstacles

And then it came to me, I don't like failure. I'm pretty poor at managing it. Whenever I push myself, and I beat my target, the next time I go, I need to do even better or I can't find it in me to go again. But it's all in the mind. For instance, I pushed myself, last year, and ran 5 miles over my longest run which ended up being a half marathon. Oh it killed and I was super proud, but when I went out to do a 3 mile run I found it extremely difficult.

You are not your body

What happens? Well, a voice - you know the one - comes up in my head and says, don't bother, it's not worth it, just stop! You've done it already you don't need to prove anything! Do it another time!

This voice is my nemesis. This voice belongs to me!

So as I write to you the last time I ran was last year probably October. My trainers are used for school runs and food shops with no motivation to move. What's worse is I don't feel bad. My ego has chained me to my comfort zone and is caressing me, urging me to stay there. Whilst the fighter in me slowly suffocates and goes silent.

The Real you!

Is anyone else going through the same thing?

But that's not the only area. Let's not start on my non existent love life, I think i'd rather talk about watching paint dry! As a result of these dilemmas I decided to reach out to interview professionals within their field to see what their thoughts and feelings are on habits we continuously repeat consciously or unconsciously to see what we can learn. The result was awesome!

Because I know I am not the only one going through this - the voice of ego telling me to stay comfortable - Over the next few months I will be interviewing specialists in their field of Life Coaching, Love coaching, Nutrition, Health, Fitness and many more - feel free to suggest topics and I'll go find a professional to talk on it.

True wealth is having a healthy mind

And that's it! Me, as candid as ever, as human as ever, but not weak just honest.

Until Sunday, Happy February