Let's Wrap it Up!

Oh my goodness! How did a whole month literally escape me?! Apologies for my long delay, but after having surgery on my hand at the beginning of the year, I have literally been out of action. But I'm back, this gal ain't going nowhere!

And it seems neither is this weather! I mean these gusty winds, constant rain and cold that feels like we live in the Arctic, has had me at times, wanting to wear my whole wardrobe at once! And then it came to me, we do in a way, but we call it layering! So why not layer in style. Here’s my top tips and items to look good but keep warm for January or should I say now February.

Chunky Knit Jumpers

I love me a chunky knit jumper, the only problem is, they don’t fit in my coat. You know what I mean! You put your arms into the sleeves and automatically you look like the Michelin man. So you have a choice: either layer up well under the jumper i.e. long sleeve tee, or blouse/shirt and ditch the coat or opt for a thinner knit jumper and wear the coat. Or go one step further and throw on a jumper dress (no need to think of which bottoms to wear). Choice is yours...


I love skirts, especially A-Lines and pretty floaty ones. I do own a pencil skirt, but until I have a wash board tummy that skirt will never see the light of day! Nowadays, I tend to find, in this weather I stick to jeans. Not even trousers! But if I do wear a skirt, I have to wear them with woolly tights! The idea of my knees knocking whilst standing at the bus stop isn't my idea of fun. Now you may think this is really old-fashioned, but actually they come in so many different colours, textures and patterns you just can't go wrong. Why not try these skirt styles...


If you had the choice which would you go for? Jeans of course! Why? Because it is thicker and easy to wear with anything. But not everybody has that luxury, and so trousers become the only option. If you are going to opt for a pair of trousers, make sure the fabric isn’t thin enough for the breeze to get through! Think of the tights and skirts scenario; you need something sturdy like jeans and warm like tights to keep you going throughout January. P.s Cords are back in...


Again, boots win me over every single time. Obviously I like to wear my converse as well, but boots are my go to. The thought of wearing shoes in this weather, no matter how pretty, does not put a smile on my face, more of a grimace actually as each toe slowly loses feeling. I commend all of you who still totter around in heels, mine are in hibernation till spring. But as always, there are options! You can still totter around, look good, and keep your feet from becoming toeless with these. Because a girl needs options right..


I recently saw my friends little girl in an all in one ski suit. Now if it wasn’t for the fact that we are different sizes, I would have taken it off her and worn it myself! I probably would have lost a friendship, bearing in mind, my friends daughter is only 1yrs old! Dammit it she looked so cool (I mean warm)! So how do we wear coats, look cool, but keep warm. I mean if your still wearing a trenchcoat it must be four sizes bigger so you can wear all those layers underneath to keep you warm, because let’s face it trenches are for autumn! At the same time not everyone can pull off a puffa coat. My tip: If last winters coat served you well, then keep wearing it. If, however it’s threadbare, check out these winter warmers and see, which one takes your fancy.

Have fun everyone,

Love, kookie x

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