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Red Alert! Dare to wear the colour of the season!

I remember 10 years ago wanting a pair of red leather boots after revisiting the Superman movie again. I imagined myself walking down the street, getting on the Tube and people stopping and staring wondering who this bold daring woman was! The idea got me so excited, the problem was, they weren't in fashion back then! Fast forward 10 years and here we are with red boots in nearly every shop! Go figure!

Victoria Beckham

Now you may not think much of the red colour trend, but as a stylist I will say this: Embrace it! You'll be surprised how some of these items will serve you well over the next decade or so, meaning you'll get your money's worth!

Zara Burgundy Over coat

Many of you quivering in fear at the prospect of wearing red, I didn't say you had to go out in head to toe red looking like a tr