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Season change, means wardrobe changeover!

Ok we can definitely all agree it is now Autumn! This means one thing: WARDROBE CHANGE! That's right, it's time to get into that cupboard and and start getting ready for this season. The thing I find funny about Spring and Autumn is that they are the in-between seasons that mean you don't fully transition until the middle of that season. What do i mean? Well the temperature hasn't dropped enough for us to pull out our woolly socks or thick jumpers, however it's nice enough to wear a t-shirt under a duster. Or spring where it's cold enough to wear boots but warm enough to wear the ankle version. So when you think about it, we will only really do a semi transition rather than a full one. So let's begin...

Autumn Outfit Idea

The Plan

We all need a plan of action or it just becomes overwhelming and we try to hold out our summer stuff until the bleak of winter which is not on!

I've written out a few steps to get us started (yes I'm doing mine too)! Here's the plan:

Firstly, Sort everything in to piles.

Organised pile of clothes

This is the easy part. Line up all your winter and summer clothes and create these piles.

Tees, Shirts/Blouses, Tops, Jumpers, Jeans , Trousers, Shorts, Skirts, Dresses/Jumpsuits, Jackets, Coats.

This will help you to see everything and start rationalising what stays and what goes. For example; you can keep some of your shorts and minis because they can be teamed with tights, ta-dah!

Secondly, The swap.

You might want to swap your short sleeve tees for long sleeve, swap your sandals for ankle boots and add a few dusters and long line cards that can be worn open in the day but will keep you warm in the evening when out. Be practical! Like I said before because the weather is still mild all your summer stuff may not be ready to be completely stowed until mid autumn, so be wise . Try layering items to keep you looking great, keep your temperature right and not look like a snow storm is about to descend tomorrow!

Thirdly, Think about your style.

Colours of Autumn

Don't forget your outfit planning! This is so pivotal, always remember your style, season change doesn't mean loss of style! Create outfits as you are swapping out clothes, this will lead us directly onto the next step...

Thirdly: Create outfits

Fourthly, Create a shopping list.

Now that we have finished swapping out and remembering our style, you've probably, like me had to through out some stuff that don't even qualify sitting in your wardrobe let alone your body, leaving gaps in your pre- autumn wardrobe. The only thing for it is to create your shopping list! Now don't go crazy, this is not the time to go spending frivolously on things we know will only last this years season only! Again this requires careful planning. Don't you roll your eyes at me you know I'm right!

Making a list

A - This is what we are going to do - On in a notepad we are going to create three to four columns at the top of each column we are going to put the colours we like to wear, especially for autumn.

B - Now we are going to create rows and at the beginning of each row we are going to label it tops, shirts, cardi, jeans etc

C - Now put a number of how many of each item you need - No you do not need 5 more pairs of shoes you have them already! We are adding to not do a complete overhaul, that is only for exceptional circumstances i.e. pregnancy, weight loss/gain!

D - When you shop, make sure you are checking off your list, so you are buying exactly what you need instead of what you don't. I know I sound like a nagging cow, but believe me you will thank me for it later.

Final point...

As I mentioned early we are in pre-autumn transition, before you put your clothes away, make sure your Autumn clothes are on top making it easier for you to get to!

So well done, you are on your way to a spectacular Autumn wardrobe. Enjoy,

Stripes and beige Autumn wear

Kookie x

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