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OOTD - Wardrobe mix up

Ok so we've finally had to concede that summer is officially bye bye and autumn is very much here. This also means we have to pack away our shorts vest t-shirt and flip flops and take out our jumpers and warmer jackets hoping that they still fit and better still we like them. This is the time to wardrobe evaluate because lets face it it's not THAT cold! We still get between 15-18c during the day. So what to wear. Well instead of running out to buy a whole new winter wardrobe, how about working with what you got!

This outfit surprisingly came to me as they were both next to each other in the wardrobe after I arranged my wardrobe by colour. The jumper is from River Island A/W 15 and the skirt was in the sale H&M christmas 2014. When it comes to knitwear try keeping it thin (for now at least) making it easier to team with a skirt. Try tucking it in too and bagging it out at the front.

Think about your colours this is a pastel outfit so bold colours work well in breaking them up making it less monotonous. Luckily this jumper had dark grey in it which inspired my brown block heel boots. This outfit works well for work and for going out in the day. It's not over or understated and would work nicely under a thicker coat or even a khaki bomber depending on how you feel.

The key to every outfit is experimentation. Look at your wardrobe again and start teaming things together, you'll be surprised how many new looks you can get out of a few items. Like I always say give it a try, you might be mildly surprised!

Love Kookie x

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