Swap & Style

Shopping with a sustainable difference

*Sunday 15th December*

Are you constantly shopping to keep up with trends that are leaving you with a wardrobe full of clothes you hardly wear? Well sweat it not! How about swapping those unworn/unloved clothes for something that you would actually wear, will look great on you and will work well with your wardrobe, all for the price of a Glass of Prosecco.

Welcome to Swap & Style.

The first of many events that will not only save on your pocket but will also give your unwanted clothes a new home.

So come on over with your friends we'll provide the bubbles, nibbles and music while you shop shop away.

How It works...

Step 1: Purchase your Ticket

Order one or more tickets on Eventbrite. Honestly it's great doing it with friends Click the link below

Step 2: Get Bagging

Place your clothes in bags with your FULL name clearly marked (believe me there is more than one Sharon)... if possible could you provide hangers for your items and any extra you can spare, that would be awesomely appreciated.


We are looking for good to great quality, washed and ironed clothes, bags and shoes (no rips, tears and minimal bobbling esp knitwear) 

Step 3: The Drop Off

You can drop them anytime between NOW (open Tues - Sat) and Friday 13th Nov 2019 6pm at Vanessa Andar Salon, 293 Mare Street, Hackney, E8 1EJ (next door to Hackney Empire). 

Step 4: Arrive at Vanessa Andar Salon for 1pm

On the night our hosts will guide you to the hosting area where you'll get free Prosecco, drinks and nibbles whilst our style team get everything ready for your afternoon of sustainable shopping.

Clothes will be sorted into three bands:

  1. Fast Fashion (e.g. Primark, H&M, New Look etc)

  2. High Street (e.g. Zara, Next, Monsoon etc)

  3. High End (e.g. Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren, Karen Millen etc)

So we have a good balance and mix of styles try and pack your bags with a maximum of 30 pieces e.g.

  1. 10 items of Fast Fashion 

  2. 10 items of High Street

  3. 10 items of High End

Making a total of 30 PIECES OF CLOTHING. For this event can we ask no children's clothes! MEN & WOMEN ONLY!

Step 5: Lets get Shopping

For each item you have donated you will be given a voucher. Each voucher will relate to the category your clothing has been placed in. When you find something you absolutely love that will look 'WOW' in your wardrobe, hand over some of your vouchers, and 'voila' you are the proud owner of a new item and a wonderful sustainable shopper.


Voucher system per item:

Fast Fashion per item = 1 voucher

High Street per item = 3 vouchers

High End per item = 5 vouchers

Step 6: Happily Event After

After the event we will be any left over clothes will be sorted through, some of which will be used again for the next event whilst the rest will be sent to Women in Refuge who have fled abuse.

Little Extra Surprise

Found something you like but it's too big or needs some pizazz?

Well you can have your cake and eat it with our instagram influencer and Upstyle Queen Birabelle*.

She'll be there to give life to your new purchases customising them to suit your every need.

And if you want some style advice on how to get those newbies to work with your wardrobe, come on over and I'll show you how, now how's that for fun?

So come join us on Sunday 15th December for an afternoon of fun and sustainable shopping like no other.

You won't regret it!

*Birabelle can customise your clothes for an additional cost. On the day she can let you know how much and how long it will take. Please note in some cases she may need up to a week to complete your item, which you can pick up at Vanessa Andar.


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